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Let the experts at Tioga build your concept into reality! Working with the right contractor is critical to take an idea through the construction process and into a tangible result.

Each project is assigned a project manager that works with our team of highly skilled craftsmen and builders during the construction process. This assures your vision is being built to your expectations, and stays on target with both budget and time constraints.

We provide you with important updates and milestones regularly, and work with the best in the industry to assure quality, as well as safety, are met as we navigate the building process. The end result in an integrated workflow between our clients, architects, engineers, designers, and consultants.

We are knowledgeable in Green Building practices ranging from LEED, Green Point Rated, Energy Star Rated, and the WELL Building Standard. Regardless if you are pursuing a specific rating certification or just want to implement green building practices for the purpose of sustainability, energy efficiency, or better indoor air quality, we understand your needs and will guide your through this process.

Home Renovations & Commercial Tenant Improvements:

When it comes time to make changes to your home or business, we are here to turn that vision into reality. A lot goes into the process: what do you want it to look like, what materials are you using, are you doing the design yourself or are you working with an architect?

Our expertise with transitioning from design to completion means that your dream project will come to fruition just how you envisioned it. We are experts at project management, which means that all team members work seamlessly together via an integrated process.

Having construction done on your home does not need to completely inconvenience your life or business. Working with the right team is a critical part of this journey. Our job is to make the process easy for you, on budget, and on time.

Repairs & Maintenance:

All buildings require ongoing maintenance and repairs to keep them from deteriorating. We specialize in keeping up with all of these tasks. We are here to replace or repair what’s not working right. We can take care of gutter cleaning, deck maintenance, weather stripping, and much more.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a big project or just a little job, Tioga is willing and able to do it all.

Real Estate Preservation Services:

Tioga’s Real Estate Preservation Services Program is a customized plan that cares for your Real Estate investment on an ongoing quarterly basis.

Real Estate ownership is one of the most important financial investments you can make, and regardless if it’s your personal home, a multi-unit investment, or a commercial property, they all require ongoing maintenance.

Our goal is to eliminate the challenges of keeping up with all the work that is required to keep your building in optimal condition, more energy efficient, and ready for all the seasons.
A well maintained structure provides a safer, longer lasting, and healthier environment to be in. Our process involves inspecting your home, providing ongoing service and maintenance, and keeping your building in optimal condition.

We inspect all aspects of your property, from your roof, foundation and structure, indoor air quality, exterior and interior plumbing, and electrical and HVAC systems. Your entire building will be assessed, and a detailed report generated. As every home, apartment building and commercial space are different, we create a personally tailored plan that matches the needs of you and your property.

Perfection in Every Form

Tioga is the nexus of new building ideas, technology, health, design innovation, and construction. We are here to meet the demands of our ever-changing world, and to make property ownership an easy and worry free aspect of your life.


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